Our vehicles and their potential

Our Krone and Schmitz semi-trailers and reliable Volvo FH vehicles with modern engines meeting the Euro 6 emission standards and Direct Vision Standard (DVS) (required in Great Britain), equipped with Dynafleet fleet management system, fulfill all your expectations relating to timely and safe transportation of entrusted freight.

Our modern vehicle combinations are ...
the best and the most reliable on the market


FH4 Volvo units 4×2 Standard and Low Deck.


KRONE SDP 27 Standard and Mega semi-trailers enable us to ship goods up to 3 meters in height. The size of the transported goods:

STANDARD semi-trailer’s capacity

The capacity of the freight transported by the STANDARD combination is 93.5 m3


Transport of freight on a EUR-Pallet up to 34 pcs

Carrying Capacity

Transport of freight of up to 24 tonnes.


Coilmulde semi-trailers adapted for transporting sheet metal in coils.

All of our semi-trailers possess certificates of conformity with the norm DIN EN 12642 Code XL. The majority of our semi-trailers have pallet containers that can accommodate 30 Euro pallets, which enables the change of pallets at the place of delivery and unloading.

Excellent freight protection

We care for the maximum safety of the carried freight by equipping our vehicles with safety belts and straps, plastic corner protectors and anti-slip mats, which protect the most fragile goods.

Experienced drivers

Our vehicles are driven by very well trained drivers with years of experience and  conversational fluency in English and German.

In compliance with norms and legal regulations

The drivers work in compliance with drivers’ hours rules. Our driver is not overtired! This guarantees the safe transportation of goods.

During the transport, your goods are covered by the carrier’s liability insurance amounting to EUR 250,000.

Ship your freight with a proven carrier

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